Wreath Candle

Wreath Candle

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A ring of delicate blooms and botanicals, arranged one-by-one to crown this aromatic candle made from vegetable wax.

Kaminari also offers a unique concept of 'customisable candle' - where you can select your fragrance, flowers colour palette, and print a label with your personalised message. This service is made possible as we are a small business of handcrafted artisanal goods, where every product is made by hand. 

Burn time
30 hours
Diameter 8cm, Height 4.5cm
Signature vegetable wax blend.
100% cotton wick.

Please note: Some flowers might be replaced with similar flowers according to available stock. 

ImportantPlease read usage instructions on label. Kaminari is not responsible for cases due to uninformed usage of our products. Wreath Candles are pillar candles, and require special attention when lighting. Uninformed and careless use of the candles may cause the dried flowers to catch flames.