Lavender Fragrance Oil

Lavender Fragrance Oil

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An aroma reminiscent of the real lavandula.

Fragrance Group • Aromatic
Heart Note Lavender

*Important note: Starting 29 April 2020, the Lavender variant for this product is updated to a new and improved aroma, even truer to real Lavender. This adjustment was made from various valuable customer feedback. We hope you enjoy the new scent! (Products without this statement is still made using the original Lavender scent.)

Tell a different story each time with Kaminari Fragrance Oil collection.
Create your personal fragrance blend and bring a soothing atmosphere for your home.

To freshen up the room, add a few drops to distilled water, and mist throughout. For scenting smaller drawers, add a few drops onto Kaminari's Botanical Wax Sachet, or alternatively a potpourri / cotton ball.

The fragrance oil can also be used to craft candles.


10ml of uncut fragrance oil.


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