Fragrance Oil Bundle Package

Fragrance Oil Bundle Package

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Tell a different story each time with Kaminari Fragrance Oil collection.
Create your personal fragrance blend and bring a soothing atmosphere to your home.

To freshen up the room, add a few drops to distilled water, and mist throughout. For scenting smaller drawers, add a few drops onto Kaminari's Botanical Wax Sachet, or alternatively a potpourri / cotton ball.

Discover more about Kaminari fragrances at our Aroma Guide.

How to Order: 
List your chosen aromas (Lavender / Rose / Clementine / Pine & Eucalyptus / Matcha / Mandarin Jasmine) on the "Notes" section upon check-out.  

Please note that Mandarin Jasmine is our premium fragrance, so a set that includes Mandarin Jasmine has a higher price. For "Set of 3" - please choose three different fragrances (no duplicates of the same fragrance).For full "Set of 6" order, it is not possible to choose fragrances, you will get the complete set of 6 Fragrance Oils (Lavender, Rose, Clementine, Pine & Eucalyptus, Matcha and Mandarin Jasmine).