Floral Candles by Kaminari x Kemala

Floral Candles by Kaminari x Kemala

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Introducing the Floral Candles - a beautiful collaboration between Kaminari and Kemala Home Living. Integrating best-selling products to create beautiful pieces of candles in handcrafted cups. 

Each piece is hand-poured by Kaminari into handmade ceramic mini cups by Kemala Home Living. Once the candle is fully burned, you can re-use the cup for drinking or as a catchall for small items, like pens/pencils or small make-up tools.

Pine and Eucalyptus scent:
The fresh and classic pine and eucalyptus scent invoke positive energy and dynamism to your day. 
Lavender scent:
The soft and aromatic lavender scent is perfect to infuse serenity and calmness to your day. 


Candle burn time
 25~30 hours
Cup dimension
Diameter 8cm, Height 7cm
*Please note: Floral Candles purchase cannot be mixed with other purchase at www.kaminari-id.com, product will be shipped directly from @kemalahomeliving warehouse.
Instruction: For the first burn, light candle for 3 hours or longer. Cool completely before re-lighting again. Do not burn the candle overnight or leave unattended. Keep wick trimmed to 0.8-1 cm. Total burn time ±25 hours. For safety precaution, the leaves and flowers on the top of the candle can easily be taken off. Our 100% cotton wick may lean sideways at times. Extinguish the candle, and while the wax is still hot, simply push the wick back to centre with any inflammable object.