Aroma Reed Diffuser Set

Aroma Reed Diffuser Set

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Kaminari presents a new product collection for the aromatic home. Enjoy the full collection of Kaminari fragrances in this easy-to-use Aroma Reed Diffuser Set. 

Our Classic Brown Bottle will add an antique charm to your interior space, reminiscent of olden-day apothecaries. The aromatic liquids are packed separately in refill bottles which gives you the chance to set up your diffuser hands-on. Pour the aromatic liquid into the Brown Bottle, and insert the Diffuser Sticks that we have wrapped in rustic oil paper. It is possible to mix fragrances and truly create your one-of-a-kind olfactory piece.

Aroma Reed Diffuser Set

This is a bundle value set. You save: Rp.5,000.

*Important note: Starting 21 April 2020, the Lavender variant for this product is updated to a new and improved aroma, even truer to real Lavender. This adjustment was made from various valuable customer feedback. We hope you enjoy the new scent! (Products without this statement is still made using the original Lavender scent.)

For more information on how to make your Reed Diffuser last longer, or to adjust the strength of the fragrance, read our Product Guide.