27 Aug: Wax Lantern Workshop

27 Aug: Wax Lantern Workshop

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Presenting Kaminari Leisure Days - "Wax Lantern" Workshop. Have a fun morning crafting a translucent vase using candle wax material at Kaminari Studio.

Kaminari スタジオで『Wax Lantern』ワークショップを行います。

Wax Lantern by Kaminari

Wax Lantern is the latest addition to Kaminari's wax-works collection. Layers of wax form a translucent globe, organic in shape. Students can use a variety of pressed flowers of their choice to decorate their lanterns.

Use for home decor, flower vase, or place a small LED light inside the wax globe for a relaxing ambience in your home. 


You Will Make: 1 Wax Lantern 
Price: Rp.310,000
Teacher: Vina, owner of Kaminari
Area: Kaminari Studio, Kembang Selatan - Jakarta Barat
Date: 27 Aug 2019
Time: 10:00 am ~ 12:00 pm
Difficulty level: Beginner
Tools: All included
Languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia, 日本語, 中文
Drink: Iced tea is provided.
Limited Seats: 12 students only
Complimentary Voucher: Rp 25.000 off** any purchase at www.kaminari-id.com  

* We will send our studio location via email after payment has been made. 
* No refund for any cancellations.
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