25 April: Wax Art Workshop at Kaminari Studio

25 April: Wax Art Workshop at Kaminari Studio

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Step into Kaminari's studio and join us for a relaxing private Wax Art Workshop! 

Kaminari のスタジオで Wax Art のワークショップを行います

Wax Art 

Not only is the Wax Art a decorative piece for your home, it also functions as room fragrance. In this workshop, you will learn to appreciate the beauty of wax and flowers, and use them to create a unique art piece. You will also learn to blend your own custom fragrances. Make it for yourself, or create a thoughtful handmade gift for your loved one.

Wax Art は家に飾るだけではなくroom fragranceとしても使えますこのワークショップではワックスとお花とフレグランスをアレンジして自分だけのオリジナル作品を作ることが出来ます大切な人への世界に一つだけのプレゼントにもお勧めです

You Will Make: 1 Wax Art 17x22cm
Price: Rp.600,000
Teacher: Vina, owner of Kaminari
Area: Kembangan Selatan, Jakarta Barat
Date: 25 April 2019
Time: 10:00am~12:30pm
Difficulty level: Beginner
Tools: All included
Languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia, 日本語, 中文
Food/Drink: Iced tea is provided.
Limited Seats: 12 students only

* We will send our studio location via email after payment has been made.
* No refund for any cancellations.