The Nose

Fragrance guide by Kaminari

A Nose (le nez) is a French term referring to a perfumer with distinguished sense of smell and proficiency in orchestrating olfactory compositions. The building blocks of a Nose's creation are Fragrance Oils. Now with Kaminari's Fragrance Oil collection, you can weave unique stories and awaken your sense of smell.

Ÿ • ŸKaminari Fragrance Oil Collection
• Aroma Blending Recipes
• Usage and application

Kaminari Fragrance Oil Collection



Like breathing through thick, delicate folds of rose petals.


Dancing notes of spring. Unity of calming green tea with sweet florals.



Sunny notes of clementine slices, grounded by light vanilla.


An aroma reminiscent of the real lavandula.


Minty notes of Eucalyptus with a breeze of sweet Pine.


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Aroma Blend Recipes


• 1 Rose • 1 Pine & Eucalyptus Ÿ • 
An airy, feel-good blend to match a bright modern interior.
Our recommended application Mix with water in a steam diffuser and blast on a cool breezy day at the office/studio.

• 3 Rose • 1 ClementineŸ • 
A warm fragrance for winding down in solitary comfort. Enjoy this aroma with a glass of your favourite drink while watching the sunset.
Our recommended application  This is a mood-targeted blend. Mix with water in a steam diffuser or oil burner, and enjoy the aroma in the living room during sun down.

• 1 Rose • 1 MatchaŸ • 
A marriage of comfort and feminity. The perfect aroma for a lady’s bedroom or wardrobe.
Our recommended application Moisten a cotton ball with this fragrance blend, and place it inside your wardrobe.

• 2 Rose • 1 LavenderŸ  • 1 MatchaŸ  • 
A masculine aroma that will take you places. Picture a journey across mountains, pine woods, and patches of wildflowers.
Our recommended application Moisten a cotton ball with this fragrance blend, and place it inside your wardrobe.

• 2 Lavender • 1 Clementine •
Bring happiness and a kick of energy into your home with this sparkling scent.
Our recommended application Suitable for larger spaces such as the living area. Mix with water and spray evenly across the room, or use a steam diffuser.


Usage and application


Top up your Botanical Wax Sachet

Works best if on a Botanical Wax Sachet under the same fragrance. Simply add 1~2 drops to the dried flowers and/or wax plate, and let it sit in your drawer again.

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Use a Steam Diffuser

Whenever you need to enjoy some fragrance, add 3~5 drops of oil to 100ml water in your steam diffuser. 

Use Mist Spray

Freshen up any space with your personalised room spray. Add around 5 drops to 100ml water, and use liberally.

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