Lavender Botanical Candle (Substandard Sale)

Lavender Botanical Candle (Substandard Sale)

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Important This is a candle that did not meet our standard quality. It may bear one or more of the possible defects such as: faded colours, slight bumps on surface of candle, or faded outer fragrance. These defects do not affect the burn of the candle. 


An aroma reminiscent of the real lavandula. Lighting this candle illuminates an ensemble of slender branches, purple blooms, and a captivating halo of lavender buds. Its organic, unsmoothened top comes sprinkled with aromatic lavender buds.

Burn time
30 hours
Diameter 8cm, Height 7cm
Signature vegetable wax blend.
100% cotton wick.


ImportantPlease read usage instructions on label. Kaminari is not responsible for cases due to uninformed usage of our products. Botanical Candles are pillar candles, and require special attention when lighting. Floral pattern on candle may vary from catalogue photo as plants materials are organic, and all our products are handcrafted to create one-of-a-kind pieces.