Kaminari Aroma Guide


A rich romantic scent alluring you with accentuated sweet notes, floral effervescence, fruity intrigue, and the woody sparkle at the finish.


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Rose Wax Sachet
Rose Botanical Candle S 
Rose Botanical Candle M



An expressive/ lively scent offering the citrusy crispness mixing with the light of vanilla,  finish with the timeless appeal various berries scent. 


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Clementine Fragrance Oil
Clementine Wax Sachet
Clementine Botanical Candle S 
Clementine Botanical Candle M



An aroma reminiscent of the real Lavandula.


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Lavender Fragrance Oil
Lavender Wax Sachet
Lavender Botanical Candle S 
Lavender Botanical Candle M



Minty notes of Eucalyptus with a breeze of sweet Pine.


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Pine & Eucalyptus Fragrance Oil
Pine & Eucalyptus Wax Sachet
Pine & Eucalyptus Botanical Candle S 
Pine & Eucalyptus Botanical Candle M



Dancing notes of spring. Unity of calming green tea with sweet florals.

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Matcha Fragrance Oil
Matcha  Wax Sachet



A bouquet of Jasmine blooms laced with various white flowers, and wrapped in a bright Mandarin ribbon. 

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Mandarin Jasmine Fragrance Oil
Mandarin Jasmine  Wax Sachet



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