Giordano Ladies x Kaminari Workshop

3 May 2019 marks the grand opening of Giordano Ladies, Pacific Place Mall branch. Kaminari Leisure Days catered to this event with a fun and relaxing 
Botanical Wax Sachet workshop, filling the interior of the store with bright aromas, dried flowers, and jazz music.

It is the first of our collaboration with Giordano Ladies, a brand that relates to career women and timeless, classic, minimalist clothing for them. Comfort is a prominent element of their clothes, manufacturing all pieces with high quality materials that relaxes you. Kaminari, whose slogan is 'Leisure Days', successfully collaborates a relaxing workshop event with the soft, comforting wears from Giordano Ladies.


Vina Kosasih, founder of Kaminari, wearing Giordano Ladies



The colours of wax chosen for this workshop are: yellow, pink, and white. They can be combined to become orange, ivory, baby pink, etc. reflecting the feminine character of Giordano Ladies. A full range of dried flowers and fragrances are provided for the participants' creative freedom.

Frida Joe (Brand Manager), Vina Kosasih, Fernando Edo (MC)

Participants arranging dried flowers on aromatic wax



Event: Botanical Wax Sachet Private Workshop by Kaminari
Venue: Giordano Ladies, Pacific Place Mall
MC: Fernando Edo
Video: Oxo Photography
Decor: The Bun's Planner

Host an event that will delight your VIP guest list with the unique activity of candle, fragrance, and dried flower crafts. Kaminari has over 3 years experience of hosting workshops for brand/product launching, influencer's gathering, and annual seasonal events. Find out more about Kaminari Workshops.

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