C&F 25th Anniversary Celebration [Cirque De Beauté]

On the 2nd of August 2019, Kaminari was invited to host an interactive souvenir concept for C&F Perfumery - the biggest retail perfumery in Indonesia, for their 25th Anniversary celebration "Cirque De Beauté" held in their Plaza Indonesia Store. 

To join the festivity, we created a Potpourri DIY Boothan assortment of dried flowers for the guest to bring home. It is our newest 'souvenir-workshop' concept that let the guests choose and create their own souvenir to bring home.

Do-it-Yourself Souvenir

We had an arrangement of Potpourri in small boxes, displayed on the booth table for the guests to choose the combination of dried flowers that appeals to them. 


Once the guests have chosen the Potpourri, they can select their preferred Kaminari aroma or make their own combination with the help of Kaminari The Nose Guide - our recommended combination of Kaminari Fragrance Oils to create a new aroma that matches your mood. 


Guests may enjoy their DIY Potpourri at home by opening the lid and placing them in a small space/area. 

Host an event that will delight your VIP guest list with the unique activity of candle, fragrance, and dried flower crafts. Kaminari has over 4 years experience of hosting workshops for brand/product launching, influencer’s gathering, and annual seasonal events. Find out more about Kaminari Workshops.

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