The Joy of Slow Wedding

Wedding planning can bring a lot to pressure to everyone that is involved especially the beautiful bride-to-be. To this day, many couples and vendors give a mentality and acceptance of a “fast wedding”, where the planning, process and the wedding day seems to move too fast and stressful. The wonders of a celebration is almost lost in the process.  

At Kaminari, we believe in a thoughtful and mindful wedding planning. Finding back the joy in slow wedding by focusing on the important matters. Having an intimate wedding will lead to less-stress wedding for the couple, family and friends. Enjoy the process of the special celebration, stop rushing to do everything at once and to remember that it is part of the wedding journey that will hold the unique story. 

Tell a different story with Kaminari, make your wedding memorable in a unique way. It is important for couples to find vendors that are like-minded for similar vision and ideas. Sourcing from local artisan vendors is indeed a better way to give your wedding favors a personal touch. Firstly, the couple will enjoy the planning process as they are able to express and explore their creativity to reflect their personality. We are always pleased to be able to be part of our beloved client’s wedding story. We aim to keep our product standard high, each piece will be made in good craftsmanship, using the best quality of natural materials, creating one-of-a-kind gifts and a touch of personalised design by the couple.

Through this slow wedding approach, the aim is to bring back the ceremony, the moments, the joy and originality of every special celebration. Every couple wants their wedding to be special, meaningful and memorable; a celebration of love to share with family and friends that not only encompasses all of the joy they’re feeling but also tells their story in such a way that guests will always remember how unique the wedding was.


We create one-of-a-kind custom favors for your guests, for budgets starting from Rp. 40,000. 

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(A private wedding souvenir: Lavender Botanical Candle in a custom box)

(Wedding Favor: Natural-Style Votive Candle)

(Custom Mandarin Jasmine Botanical Wax Sachet in a custom printed box)

(Wedding souvenirs for a private client: an arrangement of custom Botanical Candle)


(Beautifully custom designed Botanical Wax Sachet in a personalized drawstring bag)

(Custom Message Wax Art for our lovely client wedding display) 


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